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The area occupied by Beijing 798 Art Zone was once the place for Beijing North China wireless joint equipment factory (namely, 718 Joint Factory), which was designed and built by the experts of former G.D.R in the 1950s. The Joint Factory was designed to be built in 1952 , constructed from 1954,put into production in October 1957.
The designing task of the 718 Joint Factory was in the charge of a German architectural institution in Dessau, which lied in the same city with Bauhaus school at that time and they two shared the same architectural spirits whose main characteristics are meeting the practical demands; bringing the technical and aesthetic property of new materials and new structure into effect; designing simply and composing pictures vividly with flexibility. That is the genre what later called Bauhaus.


In Bjorn’s Viewfinder

Bjorn Holmsen, born in Sweden in 1965, borrowed his first camera at the age of four from grandpa, and even made his own word for “picturing”.

Russian Master Series

Exhibition of Vitaly Abramovich Orlovsky

Bump Into

The Artists from three different countries in East Asia —— China, Korea, Japan

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04th November 2012

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06th October 2012

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25th January 2012

Arts Festival Opening of Beijing 798 Art Festival Details


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